In the old days (and still even now in some cases) there was a physical server for each appliance such as Email, Active Directory, File Server, Communications and one for each application in demand. This could be very costly and wasn’t the most efficient way to manage your resources or machines. These days we can get rid off all of the individual servers and put them all into a more powerful resource rich environment saving you money and increasing performance and reducing downtime through maintenance and hardware issues.

Need to give a virtual host more memory or processing power or simply add more space to a machine, simple… Along with easier management, you receive reports on use so you can better utilize the resources at your disposal, provide tolerance and redundancy to keep your business and services running.This can be client site or cloud hosted.

I have experience using and deploying both industry standards from Microsoft Hyper-V all the way to VMWare’s ESX and ESXi servers with vSphere server. Along with cloud based technologies such as Azure & Amazon Web Services so if you want to move your business forward I can help.

Don’t need servers but need windows on your Mac? I can help provide the means to get your favourite flavour of windows running on your Mac whether it be side by side or in it’s own window.

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