Terms of engagement

When using my services, you are agreeing to pay for my time on an hourly basis (to be received as a Net payment) this includes travelling to and from, onsite, remote, phone calls, emails and any other form of engagement requiring use of my time.

Should plane, train, taxi, uber or another kind of transportation or accommodation be needed these will also be charged for but agreed in advance. All car travel to and from is charged at £0.45 per mile in addition to standard hourly charges.

30-day invoices will be generated at the end of each month and sent out via email if time has been used.

Overdue invoices will incur statutory interest each month plus the Bank of England base rate for business to business transactions.

Should further time be required, and a customer has not paid by the end of the invoices 30-day payment term or not paid the full total due they will be required to pay any amount overdue in full as well as prepayment for future additional work needed.

Once those hours have been used a further prepayment will be required before continuing engagement and any active requests will be put on hold until payment has been received.

Further work with clients that do not pay on time will be limited to pre-payment unless at my discretion I decide to allow 30-day invoice payment terms.

Should you wish to engage with me you will need to agree and sign my terms and conditions prior to commencement, make due payments on time and without delay or quarrel for any time spent engaging.

I do not offer package deals, pricing caps, discounts or refunds unless at my discretion. You will always be solely paying for my time on an hourly basis unless you are purchasing hosted services in which case there are fixed costs monthly and or annually. Retainer options are available.

Any required time will need to be scheduled in pending availability and I do not guarantee availability 24/7 for adhoc support.

My working hours are 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday (UK GMT). There will be no availability over the weekend, evenings or public and personal holidays unless at my discretion and for an increased hourly charge.

If any parts or hardware are required for the work these will be chargeable to the customer but agreed in advance.

I reserve the right to not work with anyone that doesn’t conduct themselves in a professional manner, is threatening, abusive, conducts illegal business activities, fails to pay for agreed/spent time or breaks our agreement.

In the instance of delayed non-payment and/or lack of communication to resolve as a very last step I will use all legal means to recover any funds owed and will report individuals and/or companies to the relevant authorities for investigation. Any charges incurred as part of the recovery whether legal or 3rd party will be claimed from the customer.

Should an appointment be cancelled without at least 48 hours’ notice you will be invoiced for the expected time required for the booking being cancelled.

I am happy to sign NDA’s and be vetted as and when reasonably required.

You also give me the right to use your logo on my website and list your business name as a client during and after time engaging.

Any questions at all please get in touch and I will be happy to discuss your requirements.