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With Ransomware threats not just hitting personal users but businesses and public services now is the time to get protected and prepared for an emergency more than ever. I provide guidance to ensure your data and business is protected against such attacks and can help recover or restore your data […]

Ransomware Prevention and Assistance

Sometimes you might just need a one off bit of support to help get something fixed, running or advice not a problem I can provide this on an hourly rate with no retainer, contracts or agreements. Maybe your IT team or employee has run out of options or is unwell […]

AdHoc IT Troubleshooting

Sometimes you might not want to employ a full time IT manager so that’s where I come in, I can help maintain your existing network infrastructure as well as providing support to all of your staff as and when needed. I can schedule in daily, weekly or monthly checks and […]

Virtual IT Manager

With more devices than ever before it makes more sense to allow them all to wirelessly communicate with one another and to access shared resources securely, I can provide simple wireless deployments for home users all the way up to corporate distributed systems than can support roaming VoIP as well […]

Wireless Networks & Devices

Web Filtering helps protect your business and your employees from unauthorized web material either set against predefined categories, keywords or manually submitted urls. Help stay inline with company policies and good practice.  Productivity dropping? See what is being viewed or is taking up precious internet bandwidth. Prevents bypassing filtering mechanisms, reduces […]

Web Filtering / Monitoring

Want to know who is visiting your site? Want to increase your website listing or be at #1 position in Google’s search rankings? I can help get you there and provide reporting, advice and solutions to boost traffic and in turn get you more business. Get in touch to book […]

Website Analytics & Search Engine Optimisation

Do you need to move your site over to a better hosting provider? Need someone to carry out complex external DNS (A, MX, CNAME & SPF) record changes? Or perhaps you need a simple to use, edit, update website to promote your company or services? I can provide all of the […]

Website Hosting / DNS Management / Simple Web Site Packages

In the old days (and still even now in some cases) there was a physical server for each appliance such as Email, Active Directory, File Server, Communications and one for each application in demand. This could be very costly and wasn’t the most efficient way to manage your resources or machines. These […]


I can recommend a wide range of systems to my customers looking to move away from the old analogue or office ISDN lines. Introducing Voice over IP telephony into a business is now widely recognized as a way to save money on phone calls and improve employee productivity. I can provide simple systems […]


I offer 24/7 server monitoring solutions to provide key information about the performance of your systems. Do you know when your last backup was successful? Do you know if your anti-virus is up to date? Do you know how much server disk space you have consumed this month? These are […]

System monitoring